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TOOLKIT’s work emerges from the understanding that recovery from serious mental illness is possible, but it requires changes in systems around us and how we interact with experiences, inside and outside of our heads. The skills to make those changes should be available to everybody in the world and accessible when they need them. 

We also believe in taking a mental fitness approach to caring for our brains. You don’t need to wait for a heart attack to start taking care of your physical fitness, and you don’t need to wait for a mental breakdown to start taking care of your mental fitness. Unfortunately, mental healthcare systems globally have been designed around a reactive, stigmatizing approach that makes suffering the prerequisite for health. We’re changing that.

These three values currently guide our work:


We’re about impact and outcomes. We track, measure, redesign, and share. If somebody isn’t seeing results from a mental health service or product, it’s that offering that needs to change. The low expectations in mental health services and the failure to keep pace with the science on recovery, is purely a result of stigma. We have high expectations and close the gap between research and practice.


There’s no reason you should be limited by a therapist’s schedule or location to learn useful skills and succeed at making helpful changes in your life. We make mental fitness skills accessible to you when you need them, in a format that works for your life and needs. Our focus is on turning you into your own trainer so you’re equipped with a toolkit you can use to thrive in any situation.


Mental fitness is like physical fitness. You’ve got to work with people that are skilled at personally implementing the changes you want to make and sustaining them. We’re skilled at making and maintaining mental health changes and only share skills that we actively practice successfully in our own lives.

Want to join us?

From predictive analytics to virtual reality exposure exercises and hardcore meditation products, we’ve got a lot in the works. We’re excited to collaborate with people from all sectors and backgrounds with interest and skill in helping humans make big changes.