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Got one of those squishy urge blobs in your skull?

Misplaced the manual that came with it?

Join to Download the Human Brain Troubleshooting Guide:

Getting Started

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Unboxing Your Brain

Do not. Do not attempt to modify your little thought factory. Blowing on it and sticking it back in will not improve the quality of the images you see. Unboxing a brain without supervision will void the warranty.

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Powering On

Your brain should arrive with the power already set to ON.

If your brain seems low on power, eat a donut.

If your brain is not low on power, you may still enjoy eating a donut. You can focus your powerful brain on the enjoyment of that donut.

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Using This Guide

This guide is for entertainment and educational purposes only. It’s not clinical advice of any kind. It does not replace the support of a skilled professional even if it does include stuff you wish your therapist had told you years ago.