We love being open about our mental health and fitness. We want that to be something everybody can share, grow, and get excited about. Part of that is creating a strong base where people feel secure. So we take our community’s privacy seriously. We do our best to ensure our online spaces are welcoming. Below are details on how your data gets used in the TOOLKIT Store. If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.
  • When you input your email on the, it goes into our mailing list. We use that list to send out discounts and notices about new products or services. We try to use it as little as possible because we know how full everybody’s inboxes already are.

    If you’re buying something in the store, your email list does not automatically go into the mailing list. When you checkout, there’s an option to do that but it won’t happen automatically.

  • We do use our mailing list in conjunction with our social media platforms to make sure our ads land in front of people that are interested in us. 

  • We won’t sell your email or share it with anybody else. Our mailing list stays with TOOLKIT.